Jo Shtibel hotel is a business luxury hotel that includes spacious precise rooms, an imposing lobby, a bar and a restaurant, a professional meeting lounge for business, event space and a breathtaking rooftop overlooking Tel Aviv’s fascinating landscape. The architecture of the space includes many open spaces that combine the rhythm of the city along with cozy and calm hominess. We have put an emphasis also on the design of our internal spaces. You will experience a well-thought partition of sound and aesthetics between the noises of the street and your personal intimate experience as a resident in Jo Shtibel hotel.

The hotel is located in the trendy Montefiore neighborhood, the beating heart of Tel Aviv City, within a walking distance from Yehudit Boulevard, Azrieli towers, TLV mall and Sarona district. 

The hotel at Shtibel street was planned as a part of its historical environment and is situated as an initiative of conserving the story of the neighborhood, it holds the urban rhythmic experience together with an early twentieth-century aroma that is influenced by European tradition and lifestyle. The building tells the story of Shtibel book publishing house which represents the history of Hebrew printing: We bring together a cultural hybrid of Tel Aviv’s past and present. 

We support preserving the quality of the environment and we strictly use green products only. We keep hypoallergenic soaps for the convenience of our guests. We have also installed solar water heating systems in order to save up as much electricity and energy as possible.